One of the most respected digital designers, digital artists and Photoshop artists in Europe. He is also a very gifted visual visionary, entrepreneur and leader. He is currently CEO of Deffecto, a successful design and marketing company respected and renowned throughout Europe. The company has completed numerous international projects in the area of design, new media, Film/TV postproduction, and social media advertising. His blue chip clients include: Coca-Cola, HBO, FedEx, Nescafe, The World Bank, The European Commission, Best Western Hotels and many more. 

Rosen Dukov is also an acclaimed artist who has had several international solo exhibitions. World-renowned for his skill at digital manipulations and design, Rosen has won multiple awards and honors.

– Exclusive Getty Images Contributor

– Erasmus Ambassador (Brussels)

– Nominated for Man of the Year (Darik), 2013


– First Place, Photoshop Cafe Worldwide Contest

– Second Place, iStock Annual Photoshop Battle

– Third Place, iStock Annual Photoshop Battle

– Second Place, iStock Annual Photoshop Battle

– 1 000 000 Erasmus Student (Bulgaria)


Photoshop Creative, Issue 60

Advanced Photoshop, Issue 96

Advanced Photoshop, Issue 105


TimeArt, 2012

TedX Talks, 2013

Bulgarian Design Group №87, 2021


SoftUni – AI for Designers, February 2024

SoftUni – Photoshop Advanced, January 2024

SoftUni – Photoshop Fundamentals, November 2023

SoftUni – Photoshop Advanced, May 2023

SoftUni – Photoshop Fundamentals, March 2023

SoftUni – Photoshop Advanced, November 2022

SoftUni – Photoshop Fundamentals, September 2022

SoftUni – Photoshop Advanced, March 2022

SoftUni – Photoshop Fundamentals, January 2022


Mobile: +359 899 808 007

E-mail: rrdukov@yahoo.com

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