When selecting a digital photography course for you, it can be challenging to navigate the numerous options available.

Here are my top 10 links to help you make the right choice. You’ll also find a little bonus at the end of this article.

01. Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide

Level: Beginner

This course by Lifehacker, consisting mostly of text lessons, provides a comprehensive guide to digital photography. It starts by explaining how a digital camera works, including its automatic and manual settings, such as shutter speed and aperture. The last two lections provide tips on composition and post-processing. The course also includes some videos and offers additional resources for further learning. It’s a great starting point for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of cameras and photography.

02. Introductory Photography Course by Chris Bray

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Chris Bray is an award-winning photographer from Australia with rich experience in the field. To help others learn about photography, he now provides a range of free online resources, including the Introductory Photography Course. This comprehensive course, which was previously sold for $480, is now available for free and includes 10 videos. 

In the course, Bray covers essential topics such as composition, lighting, movement and lenses, providing you with the most of the knowledge you need to get started with photography.

03. Introduction to Photography and Related Media

Level: Beginner

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open Courseware initiative offers a free photography course featuring video lectures from their undergraduate-level semester course. With the guidance of four experienced photography instructors, you’ll learn the basics of photography and how to use both analog and digital SLR cameras. The course also covers film imaging, including film exposure, development and darkroom techniques, in addition to digital imaging and studio lighting.

04. Lighting 101 by Strobist

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

This online course is aimed at aspiring commercial photographers or assistants looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in new media, including still and moving image photography, filmmaking, and the use of CGI and animation. It will help you create unique and personalised commercial work for clients in fields such as advertising, fashion and editorial photography.

Based on photography courses from Norwich University of the Arts, the course offers lessons taught by expert academics and successful commercial photographers like Andy Earl and Tim Flach.

05. CreativeLife On-Air Classes

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

CreativeLive primarily offers online courses for sale, but they also host a daily selection of free on-air classes, covering a variety of subjects such as video, art, design, music, crafts and photography. Anyone can RSVP to attend these classes viewed by over 50,000 students worldwide. Be sure to check the schedule for their classes. If you are interested in paid classes, CreativeLive features celebrity instructors such as world-famous wedding photographer Jasmine Star.

06. How to Take Portraits by Howcast

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

If you are into portrait photography, Howcast offers a comprehensive guide called How to Take Portraits. It covers all aspects of portrait photography – from posing techniques for both men and women to lighting and more. The course consists of 27 videos, making it a valuable resource for both beginner and experienced photographers looking to improve their skills. Whether you’re taking portraits outdoors or indoors, this guide will help you achieve the highest level of success in your portrait photography.

07. The Reddit Photoclass

Level: Beginner

The Intro to Photography Class offers a comprehensive introduction to photography mostly through reading. Also known as the Reddit Photoclass, this course covers a wide range of photography fundamentals, including focal length, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance and the pros and cons of shooting in RAW versus JPG. This class provides a detailed and in-depth look at the basics of photography for those who prefer reading over watching videos.

08. Alison Free Online Courses and Online Learning

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Alison provides free online diploma and certificate courses in a diverse range of subjects, including several photography courses aimed at helping photographers of all levels to get better. Alison offers certificate courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers, and a diploma course in digital photography. This is a great starting point if you’re looking to learn about exposure settings, compositional techniques or post-production tools.

09. Professional Family Portraits by Kirk Tuck

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

This course offers advanced and practical strategies for capturing good looking portraits. Here you’ll find lessons on image composition, exposure techniques, lighting equipment and post-processing. The final goal is achieving solid knowledge how to execute a family photo shoot, indoor or outdoor, resulting in a beautiful final product worth of hanging on the living room wall.

10. Photography for Beginners by PhotographyCourse.net

Level: Beginner

PhotographyCourse.net offers a series of comprehensive lessons called Photography for Beginners. This course covers basics such as the exposure triangle and aperture, also includes rich glossary of common photography terms. It not only covers the fundamentals of photography, but also provides ideas and suggestions how to apply your new knowledge in practical projects. For example, later modules present project ideas for you to experiment with. There are a few supporting videos available as well.


1. Coursera offers a platform for individuals looking to advance their knowledge and skills in photography. Through their website, you can access courses taught by renowned sources such as Michigan State University. The courses are completely free, meaning that you can learn and develop your skills without any expenses. However, if you wish to receive a certificate as a testament to your newly acquired knowledge, a fee will be required. This fee is reasonable and can be seen as an investment in your growth as a professional photographer.

2. Digital Photography School

This website for photography offers everything you could possibly need – from tips and tricks, to tutorials and guidance on buying gear and using it effectively. With a wide range of topics, from editing software to post-production techniques, you can easily spend hours reading.

Choosing a digital photography course can be difficult with the many options available. To make the right decision, consider the following tips:

1. Start with basics: If you’re new to photography, look for a course that covers the fundamentals and provides a solid foundation for future learning.

2. Seek recommendations: Ask your friends and colleagues who are interested in photography and have similar experience levels. They may have valuable recommendations for the perfect class.

3. Search for reviews: There are many online photography courses, so reading reviews from previous students can help you find the right. I would recommend researching the teachers as well, to be sure they are knowledgeable and have good skills.

4. Choose the right genre: Consider the type of photography you want to learn. Different courses may specialize in different areas such as portrait, landscape or nature photography. Choose the one that aligns with your goals.

5. Focus on editing software: Look for courses that teach Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom as these programs will help you enhance your work and reinforce your photography techniques.

Good Luck!

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