Peter V. Brett


The book cover of Bulgarian edition of "The Skull Throne" looks amazing! I will post this excitedly now!

Jaqueline Wagenstein

Colibri Publishers

We owe Rosen the modern, attractive vision of many of the titles in the sensational series "Galaxies" and more. His ability to incarnate in various plots and genres is remarkable. His concepts are markedly fresh and innovative, they issue high professional competence, have their own handwriting and correspond to the specifics of the respective publications. We are grateful for the extremely precise, responsible work and creative enthusiasm.

Boris Begamov


Rosen Dukov is one of the few graphic designers who stand the test of time and manage to stay "up to date" with new trends and technologies. A shining example of the qualities, flair and skills that drive and develop the industry onwards and upwards!

Stanislava Armoutlieva

Virginia Records

We have been working with Rosen for more than 15 years in connection with the design of some of our most important music albums. The combination of creativity, individual approach to each project and the opportunity to work in a team in the name of the best final result over time has made Rosen one of our favorite partners.

Andrey Velkov


When I saw the gorgeous movie posters Rosen was creating, I did everything I could to win him over as the cover artist for my debut novel. Now, four books later - all with his covers, I know I was absolutely right with that choice.

Dean Radnev - Shirinan

Writer, Spiritual Guide

Thank you so much for everything, all the seven book covers turned out great, just the way it needed to be, with all the symbols in them.

Simon Morden


Yobany stos! The cover of the Bulgarian edition of "Theories of Flight" is excellent!

Gavin G. Smith


The book cover of Bulgarian edition of "Veteran" looks pretty cool! Thank you!

Ivan Donchev

Cacao Beach

Working with Rosen is a professional pleasure. Changes and problems in the process are resolved adequately and in a timely manner. The result is of high artistic value, and meets industry standards.

DJ Dian Solo

Deep Zone Project

We have been working with Rosen Dukov for many years and some of our best visuals are made from him. Professionalism and great imagination. It gets you into the movie!

Ivan Radulovski


Rosen did my coolest artwork and one of the coolest I've ever seen at all.

Venci Venc


We were looking for a visionary and artist, not just a designer, to dress the music from our second album "Upgrade". Rosen saw and created the visual artwork on the tray, in a flawless and surprising way for ourselves. Exceed all expectations as the future exceeds a person's expectations in the past.

Jure Valant


Rosen always delivers a piece of art work. I trusted him with the cover design for all my books which received international recognition and admiration.

Elenko Angelov

Writer, Psychologist

2020 brought me a good thing - the opportunity to work with Rosen Dukov during pandemic over the covers of my three books. In a short time he made pieces of art, not inferior to any Hollywood poster. A master of digital manipulation, who for years I wanted for a common project because of his class creations. He is super accurate and decent guy, which makes working process an unforgettable pleasure!

Frederick John

Alert Ops

We were extremely pleased with the quality of work we received from Rosen Dukov. He and his team are extremely talented and responsive and though our requirements were very unique and niche to our domain, they took the time to work with us and understand our needs before delivering a quality product with multiple revisions along the way. Will definitely keep coming back to them for all of our web and graphics design needs.

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